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Sint Willebrord, infamously known as Theike, is the epitome of Dutch village culture mixed with alleged criminality and strong family values. It is very homogenous; consisting mostly of caucasian, native Dutch people. They seem to strive for luxury most of all This is visible in the way people live there. There is a much higher density of swimming pools, artificial grass, tanning beds, saunas, home-gyms and bars than in any other village in the area. A large part of it said to be bought with illegal income, which may be the reason its police force is four times larger than average. People have tried to document it, but were met with resistance. It is not surprising these projects were not very successful in capturing the everyday life and ended up focussing mostly on negativity.

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#lifestyle "Fuckboyfade"


#lifestyle "La coupe chic"

#lifestyle - La coupe chic

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#interior - Tanning beds

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