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I am Shannen. An observer of the everyday with an interest in subcultures and the other. My fascination is the human being and its dedication to materialism, appearances, passions and hobbies. Characters that are often featured in my work are people in tight communities on all outskirts of society.

I call myself an online voyeur, I study the human being by the material they produce and share online. I collect this material. I research our online presence, privacy and accompanying ethics. I want to create awareness about these topics. 

I am an invisible creator, most people don't know I follow them until I can present them with a finished product. This is possible by using media where people are publicly in contact with one another. I present my work serial and research how I can filter collections of images into categories that I can put into a typology that suits my narrative.

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2015 - 2020: Bachelor Design Photography & Film, AKV | St. Joost, Breda

2017 - 2018: Minor Arts & Interaction, AKV | St. Joost, Breda

2010 - 2014: MBO4 Audiovisual Specialist, Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam


2019: Spaarnestad Photo, Den Haag

2014: Camera for TV recording Dordtse Koppen, Dordrecht


2020: "Sint Willebrord/Theike" during NowShow, graduation exhibition. Breda

2019: Broekhoven "I live my life as I please" during Anywhere but here, group exhibition at Oddstream, Nijmegen 

2019: Broekhoven "I live my life as I please" during Ik kom thuis, group exhibition in cooperation with Gemeente Tilburg in Broekhoven, Tilburg

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